Gora Jain

Friday, 14.45 – 15.30
'Let's have a word' - The Language of Art between Lived and Re-lived Experience (ger)


 "Let's have a Word" - The Language of Art between Lived and Re-lived Experience.


In many areas of art, there is often a clash of very different social, cultural, and aesthetic realities. These artifacts tell particular stories: an expression of social attitudes, cultural identity, aesthetic preferences, or a document of individual life plans of their creators. Consequently, the reception of art oscillates between being in the midst of the execution and immediate confrontation in the aftermath, between lived and relived experience.
The extent to which an (audio)visual language of art is an independent tool of cognition and/or can only advance our cognition in exchange with verbalized language will be discussed with reference to individual examples from the exhibition accompanying the symposium.
Inwieweit eine (audio)visuelle Kunstsprache selbstständiges Erkenntniswerkzeug ist und/oder erst im Austausch mit der verbalisierten Sprache unsere Erkenntnis vorantreiben kann, soll unter Einbezug einzelner Beispiele der das Symposium begleitenden Ausstellung diskutiert werden.


Prof. Dr. Gora Jain M.A. is Professor of Art, Design, Media Theory, Philosophy, and Curatorial Practice at the Department of Art & Design, UE-University of Europe for Applied Sciences Hamburg; Chairperson of the Forum for Artists' Bequests (FKN) Hamburg and Bundesverband Künstlernachlässe (BKN) Berlin; Member of the expert group "Cultural Heritage" of the German Cultural Council; curator, author, and researcher on art and art theory of the 20th/21st century as well as on topics of artistic-creative research, gender studies, humor theory as well as on the culture of memory through artists' estates