Rebecca Pates

Saturday, 11.00 - 11.45
„Post-migrant society in the context of escape & displacement“ (ger)  


„Post-migrant society in the context of escape & displacement“

In states oriented towards universalistic welfare principles, migration is disputed because migrants there can be read as free riders (Manow 2018). However, it is the Bundestag that decides on migration. In the run-up to the Bundestag elections in 2021, the representativeness of the Bundestag is questioned (Pates / Oguzhan i.E.): among others, women, migrants, atheists, the unemployed, the precarious, people without university degrees are missing. What kind of conceptions of belonging are articulated? Who is read as belonging, who is not? Whose "absence" is noticed and why?

Rebecca Pates teaches as a professor in the field of identity and representation at the University of Leipzig. She was admitted as a member of Academia Europae in 2020. She most recently published (with Julia Leser) the book "The Wolves are Coming Back. The Politics of Fear in Eastern Germany" published by Manchester University Press. This presentation is based on a research project Diversity and the Bundestag. A Functionalist Analysis of Concepts of Diversity and Representation in the 2021 Bundestag Election.